Public Rights of Way

  • Please be aware that the public footpath near Whitehouse Farm is currently undergoing maintenance work due to the recent weather changes. Caution is advised .

Visitors walking in our Parish

It was a real pleasure bumping into a couple along Etherley Incline taking a well earned break during their walking trip. They had travelled from Gloucestershire for their holiday in the North East and visiting Etherley to follow one of the Northern Saints Trails.

It was so lovely to hear them comment on the beautiful location we live in with such magnificent views and countryside on our doorstep....

Well we can't argue with that can we!

September 2022

Our Parish has a labyrinth of public footpaths giving access to our beautiful surroundings.

Many footpaths, bridleways and other public rights of way cross private land, working farms and in some cases are close to private homes. Please keep to the paths, and if you have a dog with you, keep it under close control (on a short lead or at heel). Care must also be taken when approaching animals with their young.

Use this link to access the Countryside Code:

The Parish Council is a member of the County Council's Parish Paths Partnership which allows us to help maintain the rights of way. The work we cover includes cutting the pathways, clearing vegetation, hedge cutting, styles building and repairs etc. If you notice an issue with any of our Public Rights of Way please let un know. More often than not problems can be resolved at a local level and if this is not the case we will contact the County Council Public Rights of Way section.

If preferred report footpath related issues can be reported directly to the County Council. Visit:

For further information and access the online Public Rights of Way Definitive Maps visit: