Highway Maintenance

Recent Repairs:  Over recent months Durham County Council has carried out improvements to pavements and road surfaces throughout the Parish.  

If you wish to raise an issues relating to Highway matters please get in touch or alternatively  submit a concern by using  the DOITONLINE  link  doitonline.durham.gov.uk/   

Low Etherley 

The Parish Council has secured funding  to have  new SLOW road markings at the entrance  at  Low Etherley.  This is direct response to residents concerns about speeding traffic and the number of road traffic accidents in this area  of the Parish.

The road markings are  being  jointly funded by Etheley Parish Council and County Councillors Rob Potts and James Cosslett.

It is hoped that the enhanced 'SLOW' road markings will have the desired effect and that our community is made safer by motorists keeping  to the 30MPH speed limit.