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Vehicle Activated Signs:

To further improve road safety within the Parish two vehicle activated signs have been installed - one at Toft Hill and one at High Etherley opposite the Cricket Club. These signs are long overdue and we have been waiting some time for the installation to be completed.

Our residents want our roads to be safe - these signs are there to encourage motorists to keep to the speed limit and hopefully they will make a difference.

March 2022

Worthy Praise for our Community volunteers

Litter around the outskirts of our Parish has prompted a fantastic response from local residents.

Last week volunteers gave up their own time to pick up the

unsightly mess from along Witton Castle Road and Hartbrigg Lane. Other volunteers were challenged with cleaning up the wooded area next to the Cricket field which was strewn with all manor of litter and rubbish.

Almost 2 dozen bags of rubbish was collected from the 3 areas containing the usual bottles and cans as well as car parts, plastic sheeting and even a tent.

A BIG thank you to all the volunteers for giving up their

time to improve our local environment.